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The only company with the sole focus of helping a student achieve a 1550+ on the SAT and 760+ on the GMAT.
We firmly believe that one plan doesn’t fit everyone and each student deserves personal attention. Hence, you get customized training sessions for GMAT and SAT.
We render end to end services from counselling to coaching, visa assistance to admissions at the schooling, undergraduate and postgraduate levels.
If you are not over the moon with the quality of training in 2 weeks, you are eligible for a full refund*.

Manan Kumar - the only trainer to have helped students achieve the elusive perfect score on the verbal section of the GMAT. One of his students, Sarthak Chowdhary, even aced a perfect 800.


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Our founder – Manan Kumar is fully committed to helping you achieve your dream score. That's why we deliver more 760+ GMAT and 1560+ SAT scores than anyone else. We focus less on shenanigans and more on crude techniques that work and save time.


Founder - Enzo Education
World's only trainer to have helped students score the elusive perfect V51 on GMAT.

Rich and diverse teaching experience

He has trained and mentored over 9500 students from around 25 countries for the SAT/GRE/ GMAT

Top Scorers

The highest scores obtained by his students : 1580(SAT), 800(GMAT), 339 (GRE)

Personalised Attention

You can be assured of highly personalised mentorship with Manan

Consciously competent

Having had to overcome quite a few stumbling blocks in his own journey, Manan is consciously competent at unlocking students’s inner champion and potential to help them attain at 1560+

IVY League and More

His former students have gone to institutions such as Harvard, Yale, Brown, Cornell, Columbia, Duke, Dartmouth, Wharton, Stanford, Kellogg, Princeton and many others

Customized Techniques

Techniques tailored for students targeting to ace each section of the exam.

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Whatever your target score is, whether you have 2 months or 2 weeks, Manan guarantees success if you’re ready to invest time and effort in diligently following through the study plan personalised for you.

If you’re committed, 99th percentile score is guaranteed with us.





So trust the process. Like Manasvi, Zoraavar and many more high scorers, you too can achieve a 99th percentile with our guidance. If you follow the techniques that we teach you and are sincere with your preparation, there’s nothing that can stop you from getting your dream score.

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A teacher like Manan, the tailor-made study material and the unique problem solving strategies are key to ensure your success.

Create a Truly

personalized SAT/GMAT strategy

xPERT Al helps personalize every aspect of your SAT/GMAT preparation, starting form building Your study plan evaluating whether you are learning correctly to helping you build hyper-specific improvement plans

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